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(I am Romanian but have lived in the US for a couple years now. I am shopping for a dress to wear at a friend’s wedding. I am wearing jeans, a cat t-shirt, a bracelet with my country’s colors on it and a star necklace. The uniform that the employee’s wear consists of cargo pants, a button up shirt and their name tags.)

Stranger: *taps me on the shoulder*Excuse me,miss.Can you tel me where I can find plus-size jeans?

Me:*Turning around*Oh,sorry.I do not work here.

Stranger: Oh,sorry.My mis…

(He notices my necklace and bracelet,crosses himself and runs away.I was confused but shrugged it off.A few minutes later while taking on the phone with y grandma who doesn’t speak English,the same man comes back with who I assume was the manager.)

Stranger: There she is.Throw this [bad word] heathen out the store!

Manager: Sir,please don’t swear as there are children present.I cannot throw anyone out without roof.

Stranger: Has he made you stupid with her devil magic?Look at her.No good christian would wear that necklace and a symbol of those [gay slur]!

Manager: Sir,I simply can’t…

Stranger: I am a God fearing man and I demand you throw this [bad word],[slur] pagan out!

(Having had enough I finally speak up.)

Me: Sir!

Stranger: WHAT?

Me: First of all,altough it is none of your buissnes,I am in fact Christian born and raised.Second,this necklace is a star,not a pentagram which I assume you thought it was and my bracelet is the flag of Romania not any LGBTQ+ flag I’m familiar with.Third,I doubt God would be very happy with a self-described God-fearing man who uses such profane language and takes the Lord’s name in vain.*begins reciting Peter 3:8,3:9 and Luke 6:31*

(The irate man stutters trying to find a reply before giving up and leaving the store with his head lowered.)

Manager: Wow,usually I have to call security for people like that.

Me: In my opinion a good follower of any religion doesn’t use it as fuel for bigotry but to spread morality and acceptance.

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