11 Twitter Stories So Incredible They Sound Like A Lie

Mainstream | January 8, 2020

Canadian writer Aidan Moher recently challenged Twitter users to tell a story about themselves that “sounds like a lie but is absolutely true.”

The answers, if real, show that life can be stranger than fiction!

1. So *that’s* where that went…


2. This ghostly neighbor.


3. The tree that needed a priest.


4. This unexpected camera operator.


5. Two bad first impressions in seconds.


6. This unbelievable coincidence.


7. The unluckiest day, ever.


8. This disgusting, yet perfect defense.


9. Something only a princess could do.


10. This awesome Dr. Phil non-moment.


11. And finally, a message from the other side.

Has something happened to you that sounds too fantastic to be true? Share your story!

Hat Tip: Daily Mail