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11 Sweltering Stories About Heatwaves… Again!

| Right | July 20, 2021

Dear readers,

Last August, we brought you a roundup about heatwaves. Where I live, we’re currently enjoying some (relative) relief in the upper nineties (Fahrenheit) after a couple of solid weeks above 105! And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about the truly obscene heat the Pacific Northwest just went through. I saw pictures of people’s homes literally melting.

SO! It’s time for another heatwave roundup! Here are 11 stories from our archives about people who lost their heads in the heat!


Putting The Parent Into Park For A Minute – Some people should probably not be parents.

Customer Service Is Collapsing – No matter how hot it is, some customers can be so cold.

No Point Gagging Over Spoiled Milk – You may want to wait until you’ve finished your breakfast before you read this one.

Hot Headed Mother – I don’t care how high my electric bill gets; I refuse to let it get this hot in my house!

A Perfect Motherly Storm – I’ve heard of couples getting together for weirder reasons, but…

Not A Fan Of Management – A manager like this would give me a hot temper.

Kindness Is Just A Stoner’s Throw Away – Sometimes a small favor on a hot day can be pretty cool!

Insanely Hot – But… where did they get the egg?!

Taking Out The Best Employees With The Trash – This is just inhumane.

Environ-Mental – I’m really curious why their air conditioning isn’t on.

The Cosmos Of Kindness – It’s never too hot to enjoy a warm-fuzzy story like this one!


We hope you enjoyed this second Heatwave-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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