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11 Stories About Why You Should Never Joke With A Customer… EVER!

| Right | July 7, 2021

Dear readers,

Hopefully, most of you have a sense of humor. One of the main goals of this very site (other than to call out bad behavior) is to make you laugh. Some customers, however, have no sense of humor whatsoever. None. And while it can be argued that the retail environment isn’t the place for jokes, we have nothing against the attempts of hard-working retail workers trying to lighten the mood of their long days.

We’ve rounded up eleven stories that show that no matter how hard you try, most customers just do not have a sense of humor – hopefully, you do and can appreciate them!


I Think We’ve Found The Problem – Or you could, you know wash them by hand. Scandalous.

The Infomercials Must Love You – Hits from the comments: “Well, you are a grown-up now. Isn’t it time you started using your own head?”

We All Snap At Some Point – Maybe try… the door?

Playing Along – I kind of want to try a Szechuan chicken pizza now.

Being Buried In Your Mortgage – They really will be mortified when they figure this out.

So Gullible It’s Hard To Believe – At least she cares about the employees’ welfare!

Upgrading Faster Than A Fox In A Fire – We don’t have hover cars because people can’t even be trusted with regular ones.

What’s Red Or Blue And Dumb All Over – I’m trying to make this into a Matrix blue-pill-red-pill reference but I’m struggling. Help me out in the comments?

Wish You Could White-Out That Last Comment – Are you printing on black paper?

Eggs Aren’t The Only Things Getting Beaten – Okay, now we’re just concerned.

Methinks Thou Hast A Stick Up Thine Arse – Sounds like someone’s had a long day.


We hope you enjoyed this Humorless-Customers-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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