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11 Stories For Bisexual Awareness Week!

| Right | September 24, 2021

Dear readers,

Yesterday was Celebrate Bisexuality Day, and this last week was Bisexual Awareness Week! We apologize for our lateness with this roundup. (But we won’t apologize for the plethora of bi-themed puns in the titles!) While bisexuality is included in the LGBTQ+ community, it’s often overlooked. Bi erasure is still an issue bisexual people deal with, and people often dismiss them as confused, promiscuous, or just plain wrong. But to all our bisexual readers, we see you and you are valid!

In honor of this occasion, we’ve rounded up 11 stories that feature confusion, bigotry, silliness, and some good old-fashioned warm fuzzies surrounding bisexuality!


Fathers Just Have To Be Told Straight, Part 3 – Confusion is better than intolerance, I suppose!

Saying Bi To Normalcy – Pastry is an appropriate response to almost anything.

Say Bi-Bye – Sounds like bigotry is just the first of many red flags here.

Glad We Straightened That Out, Part 2 – Bisexual people aren’t like Santa Claus; they exist whether you believe it or not!

Refuses To Say Bye Bi – Every bi person needs a friend like this!

Bi Now, Gay Later – Kudos to this employee for not giggling in front of the customer.

Mom Has Good BiFi – I don’t know which of my coworkers wrote this title but I can’t stop cackling.

Saying Bi To Logic – Anything is possible when you use stereotypes to justify yourself!

Can Bi A Lot With That Money – Sounds like someone’s BiFi is working just fine.

Won Half The Battle – Leave it to a dad to be pragmatic at a time like this.

The Connected Edges Of Society – Let’s close out this roundup with a wholesome puzzle!


We hope you enjoyed this Bisexuality-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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