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11 Stories About Weird Things Overheard In Retail

| Right | February 10, 2021

Dear readers,

Working retail can be a weird experience even when you’re not dealing with customers directly. Sometimes it’s enough to just overhear them muttering amongst themselves – sometimes hilariously without context.

We’ve rounded up eleven stories about the weirdest and funniest things people have overheard customers saying.


Che Guevara, Rapping Revolutionary – I’m about to rage against something, anyway.

On The Need For Male Role Models – Social distancing! Social distancing!

Airheaded – Uhh… maybe she’s jetlagged?

It’s Best To Not Get Involved – Hits from the comments: “I want to know but… I really DON’T want to know.”

The Dolly Llama’s New Groove – Look. Just admit you don’t know who he is and move on.

Natural Born Politician – They have such a way with words…

Looking Down The Barrel Of A Smoking Gum – Why did they start, though?

That Escalated Quickly – Maybe I’m just cranky, but all I’m getting from this is that your coworker needs to quit chatting and do their job.

It Can Be Nerve-Wracking Eating Popping Candy – Hits from the comments: “Please be talking about eclairs… Please be talking about eclairs…”

They Put More Than A Few Feet Wrong – Paying attention in math class is for squares.

When The Druggies Of The Sixties Expect Common Sense Now – Repeat after me: RETAIL WORKERS ARE NOT TELEPATHIC.


We hope you enjoyed this Overheard-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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