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11 Picture-Perfect Stories For National Photography Day

| Right | June 15, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is National Photography Day in the USA! Many of us love to pull out our smartphones and snap shots of our travels and our friends. But to be a real photographer, it takes patience, skill, and really good lighting. And did we mention patience?

For Photography Day, we’ve rounded up eleven picturesque stories from our archives about photographers who had to deal with the most unpredictable subjects: people! Say, “Cheese!”


Let’s Make You A Nice Divorce Album! – We’re guessing the kid wasn’t smiling for the pictures. And we can guess why, too.

The Naked Truth About Photo Developing – This person is absolutely not getting paid enough.

Came Within A Couple Of Inches Of The Answer – Maybe they need a banana for scale?

The Daughter Makes Silly Faces But The Mother Makes Ugly Ones – Hits from the comments: “Gee, I wonder where this WONDERFUL kid learned that behaviour from.”

She’s Playing Hardball – And you didn’t charge her for breaking the camera?!

There Were No Children In The Wild West – You should charge more for children… or adults who act like them.

Recovered For A Picture Perfect Finish – Kudos to this employee for standing up for herself!

Divorced From Reality, Part 5 – Sounds like someone’s planning to fail here.

Holding You Up To A Lens – Excuse me whilst I scream internally.

(Copyright) Piracy On The Seventy Seas – Oh, sure. That one works every time.

And now, let’s wrap things up with one of our site’s most heartwarming and best-loved stories!

That Is ‘Pretty’ Awesome – I cry every time I read this one.


We hope you enjoyed this Photography-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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