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11 Of The Weirdest Hotel Guests Ever

| Right | December 2, 2020

Dear readers,

Hotels are incredibly useful places that come in a variety of budgets, sizes, and themes, but they all work mostly the same way. Sadly, the guests (or potential guests) in the following stories didn’t seem to get the memo; they don’t seem to understand how hotels work at all.

We’ve rounded up eleven stories from our archives about the weirdest guests to ever grace a hotel, from the confused to the confusing!


It’s Called Sarcasm – Good luck to whoever gets to deal with this guest when they arrive!

One Man’s Trash Is… Another Man’s Trash – Trash… is disgusting. Is this news to you?

Inn-Experienced Guest – I think this person may literally have been born yesterday.

(Full) Front(al) Desk – The comments on this one are so good I couldn’t pick one to feature. Just go look.

Precision Pillows – This is why I just bring my own pillow when I travel.

Inn-Experienced Guest, Part 2 – Maybe they meant the reception desk?

Married To No One Inn Particular – Just pick one sob story and stick with it!

Can’t Keep Up With The Joneses – Ma’am, we’re not paying you for anything.

Third Tail’s A Charm – Hits from the comments: “But surely our sugar glider is allowed? Well, what about our armadillo? And our skunk?!”

I Can Hear Clearly Now The Brain Is Gone – Someone here is confused. I think it’s me.

A Customer Without Power Will Make Even Ghosts Cower After The Midnight Hour – Sir, if I were a ghost, I wouldn’t be working.



We hope you enjoyed this roundup about weird and confusing hotel guests! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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