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11 More Funny Stories About Customers Who Just Refuse To Listen

| Right | November 10, 2020

Dear Readers,

We had so much fun with our first roundup about customers who are terrible listeners that we’ve decided to go another round! That, and the fact that the problem is so prevalent that we have a wealth of these kinds of stories to share with you!

So, rounded up below, are eleven more stories about customers whose listening skills leave a lot to be desired!


A Hole In Your Thinking, Part 3 – We’d come up with a pun for this story but it would probably be too cheesy.

Deaf Defying Customers – For some people, not hearing is a choice.

There’s No Such Thing As Half A Dozen Stupid Questions – Hits from the comments: “There are no stupid questions, only stupid people.”

Pot Calling The Kettle Back – This has certain “Are we there yet?” vibes to it.

I Don’t Work Here, Does Not Work Here, Part 3 – This is what you get for looking like you know what you’re doing.

Not The Only Thing In Need Of Maintenance – Well, that’s one way to get their attention…

John Paul The Third (Time’s A Charm) – Hits from the comments: “It’s not how you spell George or Ringo, either.”

So Stupid He Could Kick Himself – We really need harder driver’s license exams.

Stupidity That Makes You Go Wow – There’s a lot to unpack here, but we don’t want to get that close to the stupid.

Taking Their Sweet Time – And this person can read?!

Not-So-Smart Card – Retail employees must have the patience of saints.


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