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11 Hilarious Stories For World Bike Day!

| Right | June 3, 2021

Dear readers,

I have a confession to make. I didn’t learn how to ride a bicycle without training wheels until I was around twenty-four years old. And honestly, I’m still not confident about it. I admire people who are able to zip all over town, over rough terrain, and around obstacles. I’m still afraid to ride my bike anywhere besides my driveway!

But enough about me. It’s World Bike Day! For all of you bike riders out there who love the wind in your hair and your feet on the pedals, here are eleven stories from our archives about bicycles!


A Vicious Bicycle Of Reasoning – Don’t they teach the “look both ways” concept in, like, kindergarten?

Karma Is Sweet And A Little Muddy – Hits from the comments (and Brian May): “You got mud on your face, big disgrace, somebody better put you back into your place!”

Crime Can Be A Vicious Cycle – Why would you ever return to the scene of the crime?!

The Kind Of Price That Will Give You The Blues – For that price, I’ll get a fancy stationary bike so I can stay in my house and watch Netflix and (hopefully) not fall off in front of people.

Customer Service, Metaphorically Speaking – Hits from the comments: “What is it with people who think they can return stuff without RETURNING the stuff?”

Trying To Ferret Out A Deal – This really sounds like a great deal to me.

Bad Behavior Is A Vicious Cycle – Gosh, we wonder where this kid learned this behavior!

Stuck In A Vicious Bicycle – If you can’t beat them… tell them a little lie to get them out of your hair.

They Didn’t Get The Prize Drawing When The Brains Were Handed Out – Scroll down a bit in the comments of this one to find a whole bunch of groan-worthy bike puns!

It’s Just Like Riding A Candy, Like Stealing A Bike From A Baby – Good job making other people parent your child!

Not Tiring Of This Kindness – This heartwarming story will make you want to learn something new!


We hope you enjoyed this Bicycle-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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