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11 Funny Stories About Customers Who Might Need To Lower Their Expectations Just A Bit

| Right | July 29, 2021

Dear readers,

Many of the entitled customers you read about on this site are considered entitled because they expect the whole world to revolve around them. But even they pale in comparison to the customers found in the next eleven stories, who have expectations so unrealistic that we wonder how they managed to get so far in life without being crushingly disappointed at every turn.

We hope these stories meet your expectations!


By Then It Won’t Be So Modern – I really want to know if they came back.

Serious Lack Of Lumber-standing – Was… she planning on waiting the whole time?!

Always Right, Even When They’re Not Your Customer – Dumb enough to make your brain short-circuit.

Diagnostic Scan Results: Crisp & Buttery – Have you tried taking it to a mechanic?

Secret Agent Man Loses It – Honestly, this is kind of terrifying.

No Dollars, No Sense – Geez, do we feel bad for that kid.

My Life Coach Went To Film [Processing] School – We’d call this a negative interaction, but that would be too easy.

The Fine Line Between Customer And Cuckoo – A finite supply of DVD players, but an infinite stock of stupidity!

Of Low Prices And Lower Expectations – And a fresh warm cookie to [Customer #2]!

Those Who Definitely Can’t – We’re beginning to suspect that this person isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a teacher.

Stupid Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg – Hits from the comments: “Sir, that iceberg killed hundreds of people; it was executed via flamethrowers following the infamous court trial.”


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