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11 Fun Stories About Dancing To Boogie Down With!

| Right | April 29, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is International Dance Day! People have been getting their groove on in various ways for thousands of years. Dancing is fun and good for you! It’s good exercise, it’s a fun way to socialize (when it’s safe!), and it has even been shown to boost brain function and help reduce the risk of dementia!

In honor of this dance-tastic day, we encourage you to put on some sweet jams and jitterbug, tango, or twerk your way through the day. And then, take a water break and read these eleven stories from our archive about dancing!


So She Thinks She Can DanceWas she a good dancer?

Taking The Young At Heart Thing Too Far – You’re never too old for a little spice.

Shut Up And Dance With Me – Sometimes a dance is just a dance.

She Has An Anachronic Case – She gives new meaning to “pop” music.

A Dance Dance Revolution Revelation – Whatever you do, just don’t play it in socks. I learned this one the hard way.

Dancing Up The Alphabet – You’ve heard of singing for your supper…

Dancing Around The Subject – Don’t be a square!

Punicide Is Killing The Joke – Oooooof, that’s a bad one.

You Can Dance If You Want To, You Can Leave Your Mom Behind – Dancing is a lot less fun when you’re forced into it.

Shall We Dance? – Hits from the comments: “The OP decided it wasn’t for them, on reflection.”

Spoiled – Who do you think you are, the mom from Dirty Dancing?


We hope you enjoyed this Dancing-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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