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11 Fresh And Funny Stories About French Fries!

| Right | July 13, 2021

Dear readers,

You may have noticed by now that we love to make roundups about food. And we’re back at it again, with National French Fry Day (USA)! Nothing goes better with just about anything than a nice batch of salty, crunchy, greasy, hot french fries!

In honor of this auspicious and delicious occasion, we’ve rounded up eleven stories about crazy customer interactions that all come with a side of fries!


Fries Are Always An Urgent Matter – The comments on this one all suggest a pregnant partner, but I’ve never been pregnant and I can absolutely relate to a french fry emergency!

In Starch Contrast To Medical Advice – Potatoes are absolutely a miracle plant, but um…

Couldn’t Really Blame Him For Frying – Was that a child or a seagull?!

Snacking On Conversation – Look, buddy. If you try to take my fries, I’m not responsible for what happens.

A Good Customer Is A Fresh Breath Of Air – Some people don’t deserve fresh fries. And this guy’s one of them.

A Half-Baked Excuse – This roundup is about fries, but all potato choices are valid!

You Need To Soup Up Your Fries – Hits from the comments: “If all it takes to get a late customer out the door is one of my curly fries, I’ll give her the curly fry.”

Tiny Pooch With A Super-Sized Grudge – We can’t tell if this person is trying to be funny or not.

The Dangers Of Using Fishy Logic – I don’t care what you call them. I just want a lot of them. Now.

Must Be A Missed Steak – What did they think fries were made of?!

Sadly Just Small-Fry – Hits from the comments: “Wi-fries? Because they’re out of onion rings.”


We hope you enjoyed this French-Fry-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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