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11 Crazy Stories About Customers Who Don’t Understand How Photos Work

| Right | July 26, 2021

Dear readers,

Most of us know how photography works. You aim a lens at something, press a button, and hey presto, you have a picture of what you saw. That’s it, that’s the whole process. Of course, throw customers into the mix and things just get… complicated.

We’ve already covered what challenges photographers can face in our National Photography Day roundup, but when the customer becomes the photographer then things get even weirder. We’ve rounded up eleven stories from our archives about customers who don’t understand the basics of photography, and in some instances, the basic laws of nature!


“Professional” Photography – A professional blamer, maybe…

The Customer Is Not Always Copyright – He could’ve claimed to have used a timer, but that would be dishonest!

(Copyright) Piracy On The Seventy Seas – Don’t these people have home printers?!

Use Of Technology Is Undeveloped – Hits from the comments: “Then how do you plan on using the CD, sir?”

A Picture Perfect Resolution – Ooooh, that’s satisfying.

Imperceptions On Imperfections – Your daughter may be perfect, but you, on the other hand…

Beyond Even The Power Of Pixel Dust – Hits from the comments: “What if it was a magical camera?”

Maybe That’s Her Good Side – And then she turned her head all the way around! Like an owl!

Captain Obvious’ Evil Twin – Never joke with customers.

Copyright Meets Copywrong, Part 2 – A business that obeys the law?

Photo Incognito – We really want to know how she thought this would work.


We hope you enjoyed this Customer-Photographer-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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