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11 Crazy Stories About Bad Gamer Customers

| Right | June 7, 2021

Dear readers,

Video games have been a great source of comfort and stress relief for many who have endured strict lockdowns, intense quarantines, and all manner of changes to routine thanks to the crazy times our planet has had lately. As huge and necessary as this industry is, however, there remain a few that still don’t quite get it. We’ve already run one roundup about customers who should not be allowed anywhere near a video game store, but like the good customer service reps you all are, you keep letting them in!

Therefore, we are doing our part by showcasing eleven more crazy stories about bad gamer customers. Hopefully, these help you level up!


Not Down Low On The Download – Even if they downloaded it legitimately… thanks for wasting an employee’s time!

Cross-Platform Chromosomes – How many times do we have to say it? Some women like video games!

And The Cases Serve Their Purpose – Wait until they find out about Kickstarters.

Not For All The Gold In Azeroth – Has this ever worked?!

COD 4: Trout At War – They make some really nice fishing simulator games nowadays.

These Aren’t The Games You’re Looking For – Have you considered, I dunno… reading the covers?!

That’s One Supportive Mother – This mom needs to level up her language stats.

Barking Up The Wrong Tree – Google is your friend.

(Not So) Heavy Brain – Do you think they have the same problem with the James Bond films?

Bull In A China Shop – We’ve seen a lot of ridiculous customer reactions but this one is a special kind of crazy.

A Wii Bit Confused – That sounds like a question for your doctor.


We hope you enjoyed this Bad-Gamer-Customer-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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