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, | Unfiltered | May 7, 2018

(I’m walking a customer out to her car to help her load up her groceries and bring the little electric cart back inside. I’ve just finished loading her car and am about to say goodbye when this happens.)

Customer: Oh no, I was also supposed to get [2 items].

Me: Are they worth going all the way back for?

Customer: Well… I’m making a new kind of soup so… yeah. I’ll need to go back in.

Me: Alright (I close the door I had just put her groceries in) I’ll move this cart out of the way and you’ll have a straight shot back into the store.

Customer: (Gets out of her car and shuts the door.) Where are my keys? (She turns and looks through the window.) There they are, on the console.

(Later I found out she called a friend to give her a ride home so she could get a spare key. Poor woman was having an awful day, I hope it got better!)