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| Unfiltered | May 7, 2018

(I work in a coffee shop that is housed in a larger business. We close an hour earlier and put up signs on the windows to notify customers that we are closed. My coworker and I are getting ready to leave)
Me: Excuse me sir we are closed
Customer: What! But the sign outside says open! That means you’re opened!
Me: Well sir, as you know, we are run separately from [business name] and we close an hour earlier. We do put up closed signs on the window and the counters.
Customer: This is ridiculous! Are you guys stupid! IF the sign says open you have to be opened. Does this mean I can’t get coffee.
Me:(annoyed) Yes, that is what closed means.
Customer: (storms off) You people really need to learn how closed signs work
Me: Well there is a closed sign on the door and on the counter…