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I was at our counter when an Asian man comes up to ask me a question.

Man *barely opening his mouth to talk “(mumbles) lita”

Me “I’m sorry I didn’t quite hear that”.

Man “(mumbles) lita?”

Me “No sorry I can’t understand what you are saying”.

Man “(mumbles.. hole.. lita?”

Me “Iitre, as in litre of milk?”

Man “no lita for hole chair”

Me *l come out from behind counter to see if I can hear him better “I don’t know what you mean”

Man “Hole in chair, you know chair” *makes a seating motion ” to sit, has hole.  Udda lady said have lita, where?”

Me “Don’t know what lita is” *just then co-worker comes up “(Co-worker) do you know what this man is after?”

Co-worker “Yes he needs leather, I told him where it was”.

Me *to man “oh you need leather?  LEATHER”.

Man “yes lita for hole”.

I show him our measly 2 packets of scrap leather.

Me “Here is the leather, it’s all that we have.

Man “You have black?”

Me “this is all we have”

Man “no more?”

Me ‘No”

Man “oh, no more.  thank you”.