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| Unfiltered | May 6, 2018

Customer brings curtain fabric to me.

Customer “I need 2 one metre pieces”

Me “I am sorry but we don’t cut seperate pieces, it’s company policy”

Customer *eyes me strangely

Me “Sorry it’s just that..”

Customer “In that case” *hands me a piece of the same fabric ” check the size of this, I might not need the 2 pieces”

Me *measures “It’s over a metre but you can have it at one metre”

Customer “Great, then I’ll just have a metre cut then”,

(I start cutting)

Me *still wanting to explain as she is still looking strangely at me”  It’s just that head office  has had complaints if the two peices aren’t exactly the same size so banned us cutting more than once.”

I fold the fabric and ring it up.

Customer “Oh I forgot, I need another metre of this”

Me *knowing what she is up to “Ok” *starts cutting.

Customer *smugly “Don’t worry I won’t complain, I’m not petty.  I’m not petty, I’m not petty, not petty”