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I work in a very popular bar in Dublin, it’s quite high-end so we tend to deal with a lot of pretentious customers. Over the weekend one in particular was a pain and wound up making three complaints about staff members and the service. I, being the supervisor question all three and they inform me she’s doing it intentionally. Right, guess I’ll serve her.

Me: “Hi miss, is there anything I can help you with?”

Woman: “Yes! Can I get a bottle of Coors please, two ice cubes in a tall glass?”

Me: “Yes miss, no problem.”

I go off and get the order, myself, making sure I don’t put it through and have someone else make it just in-case there is a mistake. I bring it to her table, leave her the bill and tell her to take her time to pay it. I go into the kitchen for a moment, which is adjacent from where she is sitting, come out a minute later and find her with a big scowl on her face, talking to a confused waitress who has a look of, “please, God save me”, in my direction. I approach her.

Me: “Hi miss, is everything alright?”

Woman: ” No, it’s not alright, I asked specifically for a COORS, not a Coors Light! I find this very offensive, if you didn’t hear my order you shouldn’t have taken it!”

I may be a supervisor but I am also very sarcastic, so I have a look of, “you’re not serious?” on my face.

Woman: “I’m sorry, what’s that look for? Do you find the atrocious service I’ve received here funny?”

Me: “No miss, not at all, however Coors an Coors Light are the same thing. Coors is short for Coors Light, there is no actual Coors beer.”

Woman: “I’ll have you know that there is, I was out last night at [bars name] and they served me Coors all night. Do you think I’m stupid?”

Me: “Not at all, but you’re misinformed. If you’d like I can take the bottle back for you and replace it, but there is no such thing as Coors, it’s just Coors Light.”

She asks for my manager, who I call and who speaks to her. I wait by the coffee station. After five minutes he returns to the bar, a look of, “she’s crazy” on his face. He puts the bottle back and gets her a bottle of Diet Coke instead. Two minutes after he drops it, there is another complaint – she suggests that the Diet Coke bottle was filled with normal Coke as it was very gassy. Me, my manager and two other barman came to the agreement she is crazy, and let her be until she left.