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, | Unfiltered | May 5, 2018

During the mid-afternoon rush, a woman comes through drive thru, orders, then over the speakers remarks she’s got the rewards card. To us and to the best of our knowledge, that entitles her to 20% off upon showing the card at the window. But 20% wasn’t satisfactory for this lady (L).

L: “Why am I paying for the large? the card allows me to get a large meals for the price of mediums.”
Me: “The rewards card gives you 20% off your order, which is more than you’d save just upsizing your order.  We don’t have a way to give you a free upsize through the register. This way you get $4 off…”
L: “No! The policy changed and I get a free upsize on all products! Stop trying to scam me! I know you can do it!”
Me: “I’ll get the manager.”

The manager (assumedly trying hard not to laugh and rub his hands in glee at saving money) took off the 20%, and changed her orders to medium, and just gave her large fries and drinks. Due to her perseverance, she managed to save $1.40, not $4.

L: “You guys are idiots if you think you can pull the wool over my eyes!”