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| Unfiltered | May 4, 2018

(I’m waiting to speak to an advisor in a car parts shop. When I get to the counter, there’s already a middle-aged woman there, clearly a few minutes into a conversation about what kind of headlight bulb she wants).

Customer: “So it’s main beam I need?”

Employee: “No, the normal headlights are called the ‘dipped’ beam”

Customer: “That sounds wrong, I’m sure it’s the main beam I need”

Employee: “The main beam is for when, for example, you’re driving down country lanes. It’s the dipped bulb you need for normal driving”

Customer: “That’s very confusing. I’m still not sure”

(This carries on for a couple more minutes)

Employee: “I’ll show you…”

(They both leave to look at her car outside. After a few minutes, I hear them coming back towards the counter, with her still prattling away…)

Customer: “Yeah, I do drive down country lanes, so I need something heavy duty! I googled the difference between xenon and halogen… the main beam!”

Employee: “*explains the difference*… it’s still the normal dipped bulb you need”

Customer: “But it’s not for the car outside!”

Employee: “Your husband’s car is the same kind, so it’s the same part”

Customer: “Oh… yeah”

(They complete the sale and she wanders off)

Me: “I need help selecting the right bulb for my *describes car*”

Employee (smiling): “Dipped?”

Me (grinning): “Yes”

Employee: “You have no idea how often I have to go through that…”