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| Unfiltered | May 4, 2018

(I work at fast-food restaurant, and some couple came and put their child with both feet at the pay desk, where we give the food, and start looking at the menu)
Me: Sir, Excuse me?
Customer: no reaction
Me: Sir??
Customer: no reaction
Me: (tapping on the shoulder) Sir??
Customer: WHAT?
Me: Can you please put your child down, we put food here, it’s not sanitary…
Customer yelling to his wife: THIS IS THE END. THEY OFFENDED ME. We will never eat here again.
Me: (cleaning the spot with sponge and some disinfectant)
Customer to his wife: See, see what are they doing?! They are mocking me (starts pulling her sleeve) GO GO GO! (turning to us) I’ll make all of you fired!