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| Unfiltered | May 3, 2018

(I play a very popular online game with millions of players worldwide and occasionaly you can get some oddballs. I was attempting to sell an item on the Auction house and had a random person whisper me about it. Being a random person I was not sure if they were male or female)

Random : How much did you want for [Item].
Me: Id be happy with [amount]
Random: How about [Lesser amount]?
Me : Get me a hat and we have a deal fine sir!
Random : Good negotiating! Give me a moment and i will see you soon.
(Takes a few minutes but he/she showed up infront of me and then he/she says)

Random: Unfortunaly we were fresh out of hats, however management allowed the alotment of pets instead so here you go!

(He/she gave me a pet that I already had and I wasnt really interested in the hat but I still thought it was funny.)

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