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| Unfiltered | May 1, 2018

I’m in the bank depositing my check after work. There’s a customer with her child, maybe 40s, being completely over the top rude over a misunderstanding to the bank teller who happens to be my friend.
As she’s getting ready to leave, I look over at my friend to say hi but the rude lady stops, looks me over, then says, “You got something to say?”
I’m shocked, say, “What?”
Bitch: Looks like you’re going to say something about me, I want to be here to hear it.
Me: Excuse you?
Bitch: Don’t play dumb. I know teenagers like you always have a lot to say but no guts to say it. You all are the reasons there’s criminals; putting holes in your face and wearing black. Your generation is a joke.
Me: Ok. I don’t need lip from a 60 year old woman.
Bitch: I’m not 60.
Me: Oh? Well you should’ve discovered lotion 40 years ago. You’re the reason this generation is going downhill if your child ends up being half the judgemental shit stain you’re teaching him to be right now. And for the record, no one gives a shit about your problems. The customer is always wrong and your self entitled attitude wastes everyone’s time. You got anything else you wanna say to me?
Bitch: I-
Me: No you don’t. Bye.
Bitch tries to say something but I tell her bye again and she walks off all angry and saying insults, pulling her kid behind her.