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, | Unfiltered | April 30, 2018

I went to a store to buy some shirts and jeans. After finding what I wanted, I approached the cashier. She was a young looking girl, possibly just finished grade school.

<b>Cashier 1</b>: Will that be all for today?
<b>Me</b>: Yes.
<b>Cashier 1</b>: Alright that will be $90.20.
<b>Me</b>: (Gives her $100.20).

The cashier held the money and turned to another cashier working adjacent to her.

<b>Cashier 1</b>: (Whispering) The customer gave me $100 and 20 cents but the price of the item was only $90 and 20 cents, how much do I give her in change?
<b>Cashier 2</b>: Um, $10.
<b>Cashier 1</b>: Oh yea that’s what I thought.

She turned back to me.

<b>Me</b>: (Surprised by the lack of basic math skills) How old are you?
<b>Cashier 1</b>: I’m 3rd year…university.

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