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While working security one night I was sent up to a guest’s room who was having an allergic reaction.  I arrive and the man is in a pretty bad way.  He has his shirt off, his chest is covered with hives and his throat is closing so fast he can’t speak and soon may not even be able to breathe.  I call for the paramedics and they arrive fairly quickly.  They give the man a shot and his allergy symptoms begin to quickly get better.  When he can finally speak, one paramedic asks if the man is allergic to any kind of food.  The man admits he’s severely allergic to shellfish.  The paramedic then asks if the man has eaten any shellfish lately.  The man then says, “I just came back from a seafood buffet and ate a lot of it because it doesn’t count when you’re in Vegas.”

So many people see the city slogan “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” and think Las Vegas is some kind of negative zone where anything you do doesn’t effect real life.

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