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, | Unfiltered | April 30, 2018

(Our registers are prone to messing up, glitching, or just straight up disconnecting from the network. Needless to say, this frustrates everybody but, as someone with bipolar disorder, I tend to get more frustrated than others. I like to fight my anger with sarcasm. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve said to/about the machine.)

Me: *gently smacks the card reader* “Just a love tap!”

Me: “Jesus Christ… this thing needs an exorcism!”

Me: *to a customer* “It’s like this thing is sentient and it hates me the most.”

Me: “Screw this! This is how the war against the machines starts!”

Me: *to a regular* “Well, since the register doesn’t even want to take your order, pull on around and maybe seeing you will make it work.”