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My boyfriend and I like to make midnight runs to the corner store for junk food when I don’t work the next day. We’ll snack like pigs and watch videos or play games together. We seem to always go when this one particular guy is working, so he’s used to seeing us. My boyfriend’s pretty agoraphobic, so having someone he knows helps him a lot. We went to a popular coffee shop the other night around 2am, and loband behold, convenience store guy is there! My boyfriend and I chat with him while me makes our sandwiches and coffees, and while he’s doing that I judge my boyfriend over to the tray.

Me: *whispers* I’m not crazy, I only asked for two doughnuts right?

Boyfriend: Yeah, no, we only asked for two…

We didn’t mention anything but The Guy gave us a knowing nod. We’re going back there later tonight, so if I see him I’ll make sure to leave him a pretty decent tip!

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