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Checking out customers. Current sales include metal decor. Customer comes to my line with a door mat and tells me it’s 50% off.

Me: Sir, this door mat is not on sale this week do you still want it?

Customer: No. It IS half off there was a sign in front of it.

Me: (shows him the current ad that I have on my register) I’m sorry sir but Im fairly certain it is full price.

Customer: There was a sign right in front that said it is 50% off!

Me: I can have someone go check for you. If the sign does say it is 50% off I will give it to you.

Customer: (marches to where he found the door mat. Few minutes later returns very upset.) The sign says metal decor is 50% off but was placed wrong. You need to move your signs!

Me: Sir, I believe the mats sit right below a rack of metal decor signs. That’s why the ad was placed there.

Customer: (very upset almost yelling) You should move your signs!! *storms out of the store*

Next customer in line: Maybe you should learn how to read?!