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(I’m working self checkout and I’m helping a woman who’s card wasn’t working so I bring her to the register we have near self check a man gets in line behind her.)

Me: Sir this is self check there are registers open for you.

Customer #1:No I can’t use those your checking her out so you will check me out to.

Me: Sir her card wasn’t working that’s why I’m helping her.

Customer #1: No! You are here to work you will help me stop being a lazy b***h

( I stare at him in shock)

Customer #2: Sir this is SELF CHECK if your to stupid to know how to use it go to a normal register and leave this young lady alone she works hard enough without people like you bothering her.

( He leaves in a huff and I thank her for telling him off and she leaves. I see the man walking out with his stuff he paid for at another register and he gives me the death glare on his way out.)