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(I have been on the pill for over ten years. I experience a rather bad period and the doctor sends me to hospital telling me it’s either a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. I am not upset as it’s happened before I even knew I was pregnant and obviously I was trying to prevent it anyway. The hospital runs tests and tells me it’s just a heavy period and sends me home. A couple of hours later I get a call saying there was a mix up with blood tests and I need to go back. I tell them I’ll be back after work the following day; I had cancelled my replacement as they said I was okay. The next day starts with doctors trying to set up appointments for OBGYN.)

Me: “Did you read my file? I’m in here because I’ve LOST a baby.”

(I am put in short stay, of course the cubicle with no working TV. Getting a little frustrated by this point I’m loudly watching a show on my phone with lots of language. I get taken for an ultrasound.)

Nurse: “Well if there’s nothing there it’ll mean you’ve had a miscarriage.”

Me: *totally fed up by this point* “Well that’s what I’m hoping for!”

(I mean rather than an ectopic pregnancy. Not how she took it and she becomes completely rude. I go back to short stay and the doctor tells me I have to wait for an injection because of my blood type. An hour later he tells me I’m not that blood type and I can leave. The following day I’m still receiving calls from OBGYN to set up appointments for my baby.)

Me: “I have had a MISCARRAIGE. Why are you people still bothering me?”

(I am NEVER going to that hospital again, and now have the contraceptive implant!)