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(A rather big guy calls me over:)

Me: “How can I be of assistance, sir?”

Customer: “Yeah, I was checking out and this item rang up at $12.99, even though the tag says it’s $11.99. What’s up with that?”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, sir. Let me check for you.”

(Upon scanning the item and looking at the tag I realize that the tag is for a nearly identical item.)

Me: “Sir, it seems that someone forgot to replace the tags on the peg with the correct ones. The price for these is $12.99. However, the difference between the $12.99 and $11.99 variants is purely cosmetic, so you could just get these instead.”

Customer: “No! I WILL be getting THESE [$12.99 items] for $11.99. The tag says so!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but because it’s a mislabel we won’t drop the price.”

Customer: “You people always f****** do this to me! This is outrageous! It says $11.99 so I want it for $11.99!”

Me: *completely shocked at his outburst* “Okay, sir. I could mark them down for you just this once, but—”

Customer: “NO! I don’t need your f****** charity. Just give me those.”

(The customer grabs a handful of the $12.99 item and storms off, but not before telling me to fix the mis-labeled tags.)

Passer-by: “Well, that guy was rude.”

Me: “You can say that again.”

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