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(I work at a fish in a chip shop with is also a restaurant. My bosses are from China (not important but the restaurant serves mostly Chinese food but is mostly know for there steak meals). In the restaurant four people are in the restaurant they order, three get plain steak meals. I’m going when one of the group says:)

Customer #4: “Umm, miss sorry but can a change my order to a garlic steak but no gravy on it?”

Me: “Okay… I’ll go see.” As the it is garlic gravy with the steak to make it garlic.

I go to one of bosses and I tell him the order and the garlic with no gravy

Boss: “But then it just a steak, go back to work I’ll work something out”

A few minutes later.

Boss: “Ah [my name], Can you ask with they want garlic butter (used for chip) on there steak.”

I go back in to the restaurant

Me: “Sorry, sir do you mind having garlic butter on steak”

Customer#4 “Yeah, that great, Thanks.

As I’m leaving I over hear this

Customer#2 “dude, I told you the garlic in the gravy, ass-hole”

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