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Today I was assigned to watch over self scans and a customer asked me for assistance.

Me: Hi! What can I do for you?

Customer: Where do I put these groceries. The machine won’t let me put it in the bagging area. Do I put them on the floor?

Me: You can but for now just keep them in the bagging area.

Customer: But it says unexpected item in the bagging area.

Me: Don’t worry. These machines tend to do that a lot.

(I fix the machine for him and he asked me this next)

Customer: What do I do now?

Me: Just keep scanning the items and place them on the scale.

Customer: What scale?

Me: The bagging area has a scale built into it.

Customer: Where is the scale?

Me: Under the bagging area.

Customer: But that is the bagging area.

(At this point I am getting face palming in my head)

Me: Sir. Just scan the items and place them in the bagging area.

Customer: OK.

(My employee looks over and starts laughing after he leaves and says)

Employee: What did he not understand?

Me: How the machine checks items in the bagging area.

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