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(I worked in a furniture store in high school; it was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had…mostly. One day, the store received a couch that was missing its legs, so we couldn’t sell it. Unfortunately, the shop was so small that the only place we had room for it was in the display window, but I was given strict orders not to sell it. A few people asked about it, and were understanding, until…)

Customer: How much is that couch in the window?

Me: Oooh, I’m so sorry! That couch got shipped without legs, and can’t be sold until they arrive. I don’t even have a price for it.

Customer: *quickly getting rude and snotty* Well, that’s just stupid! You’re a furniture store–sell me this couch!

Me: …I’m just going to call the other store. (Knowing they’ll back ME up and tell her the exact same thing)

Customer: Hello? Yes! Your employee refuses to sell me this couch!

(Obviously I can’t hear the other side of the conversation, but it’s pretty obvious what she’s being told by her reactions. Finally, she THROWS THE PHONE AT ME, then storms off.

The best part? I recognized her as a special needs teacher at my high school! I wish her supervisors could see how she treats students!)