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, | Unfiltered | April 24, 2018

One day I was walking with my dog while waiting for my mom, who was shopping some stuff for our house. I was looking at some things in vitrines while my dog was lying down on the floor.

Suddenly, I saw some guys trying to get my dog’s attention. They were calling her, waving at her and some stuff. I started to giggle at how cute was that scene and how my dog was unaware. I started to pay more attention and I saw a little boy with those guys (they were mostly around my age 17-20 and the boy looked like he was in his 13 years) so I decided to approach them.

Soon as I got there, the little boy started to pet my dog and his friends too. I started to giggle even harder when they started to say cute stuff like “woah, she is so calm”, “she is cute” and stuff like “you are a good girl”. Noticing me, one of them asked me why I was laughing.

So, with the most serious face, I told them the true. My dog is blind and deaf.