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(This takes place in an AP class, and our AP tests are a little over a month away. Due to our teacher’s poor planning skills, we’re trying to get through the seven remaining chapters before the AP test, our teacher figuring that it would do us more good to get small glimpses of all the material instead of actually learning a few chapters. Given this logic, I ask my teacher this at the end of class:)

Me: “So, if your goal here is for us to see all of the remaining material before the AP test, wouldn’t it be more logical to not have any more tests in class until then?”

(My teacher then takes a moment to consider this, and, as my classmates all heard this, the guy who sits in front of me stands up, starts clapping, and says this:)

Guy in front of me: “Give her an Oscar!”

(And then one of his friends also started clapping and my teacher seriously considered my suggestion. He decided to continue talking about it tomorrow. Fingers crossed!)