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During my fifth year in High School (Age 16/17), I went along on a class trip to Prague. It was quite boring and hot. At one point, we were supposed to visit a Jewish Cemetery, but the teacher asked us if we wanted to go. Pretty much everyone said ‘no’ and we were allowed to do some shopping. I saw a trinket I wanted, but wanted to sleep the night over it and get it the next day, as we’d have some free shopping time as well.

That evening, my classmates went to a bar or disco. I’m not sure, because I was the only one who returned to the hotel (I’m an oddball and not very social) and I had a good night’s rest. The next morning, I noticed how almost all classmates were hung over, silent, sleepy… and the teacher was furious! It turned out that some of my classmates got so drunk, they banged on several doors in the hotel, including the teachers’ and the bus driver that had to take us home that afternoon. Turns out I’m a deep sleeper; I didn’t notice a thing.

The teacher was so furious, he yelled at us all and that the free shopping was cancelled. We’d go visit the Jewish Cemetery and then head home. I know it was of no use to argue and resigned to not being able to get the trinket, I had decided to get after all, for my dad.

When we reached the cemetery… it turned out to be a Jewish Holiday and it was closed. We got free shopping time instead and I hurried to the shop I saw the trinket: a glass globe.

When home, I gave the globe to my dad, who suddenly fell silent and with misted eyes. “How did you know?”

“Know what?” I asked.

“When I was born, there was a globe on my birth announcement. I always wanted to travel the world, but couldn’t.”

I didn’t know what to say, but I realized that if it hadn’t been a Jewish Holiday, I couldn’t have given this gift to my dad. It might be more than silly, but to me it felt like divine intervention.

And for those who wonder: ever since I moved out, he took my mom to Egypt and Costa Rica, so he’s a tiny Globetrotter after all.

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