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(I was in the backroom of our store on my lunch break when a customer barges through the door labeled “EMPLOYEES ONLY” and walks in to where I am sitting.)

Customer: “Hey! I need some help.”

Me: *a little bewildered* “Huh? Oh, well [coworker’s name] can help you out front, I’m actually on my lunch break at the moment.”

Customer: “Well, he’s super busy right now And I just have one question.”

(with this description I imagine that the store must have gotten really busy while I was on lunch and I decide to come out to help. I follow the customer out of the backroom and see that my coworker is ringing up a sale for one person, but other than that there are no other customers in the store.)

Me: “Okay… Uh, what was your question?”

Customer: “I was just wondering how much this game controller is?”

Me: *points to the price tag on the controller* “It’s $49.99.”

Customer: “Yeah, that’s what your coworker said, but I didn’t believe him. Ok, thanks!”

He walked out of the store without buying the controller and I stood there dumfounded for a minute before returning to my lunch break.