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I work at an arts and crafts store and occasionally a coupon for the upcoming week will be printed with your receipt.

Me: “Hello, ma’m how are we doing today?”

Customer: “Good, good, so I heard that you give teachers a discount?

Me: “We sure do ma’m just as long as you show us your teachers I.D.”

She shows me her I.D. I scan the percentage off and finish scanning the rest of her items.  Before I could tell her the total she asks one more question.

Customer: ” So I lost the [percentage] coupon that I received with my receipt, so can you just add that to purchase?”

The coupon she is talking about is not valid until next sunday through saturday, today is friday.

Me: “I’m sorry ma’m the coupon you’re talking about is not valid until sunday, so I can’t give it to you.”

Customer: “But you see I lost it, so can’t you just grab one of the coupons you have back there and use it on my purchase?”

Me: “Ma’am I’m not allowed to give away coupons, and even if you did have it with you, you wouldn’t be able to use it until sunday.”

Customer: “Well can you just ask a manager just to make sure?”

My manager is right next to me and I ask about the coupon. My manager responds with:

Manager: ” No, we can not give you the discount because you have to have the physical copy. And the coupon you received with the receipt is not valid for use until sunday. ”

Customer:” Oh okay thanks. I guess I’ll just find that receipt then.”

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