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Ok, so I was working a seasonal job for a vendor to a chain stores Garden Centers. I would go in, merchandise our product off our racks (not the stores racks) and straighten up our company merch.

Store workers wear Jeans, and a Green shirt with the store name.

I have on sweat pants, a gray shirt, and a black apron with the vendor company name.

“Excuse me, can you help me (whatever plant it was).
“Sure, which one would you like?”
(Get this taken care of no problem).

A few minutes later….”Can you tell me where (some household tool) is?

“Um, that I don’t know, since I don’t actually work for the store”.

“Of course you do! You’re hanging up their baskets, of course you work here!”.

(Points to company name on my apron). No, I’m a vendor, I actually work for (company name).

“You work for the store”.

(give explanation of what a vendor is, offer to point her to a store employee who can help her).

“But, I still swear you work for the store, why can’t YOU help me?”

(Wants to bang head against my ladder).