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I work for a high-end technology store. One morning, a lady and her two kids came in to replace her oldest son’s phone. As it turns out, she was not eligible for a replacement because the phone was out of warranty and also had significant water damage. I tried to show her some places online she could get a refurbished phone for her son (she didn’t want him to have the newest model) and well as explained different options she had if she were to buy a phone in our store. As soon as our interaction was done she asked one of my coworkers to speak to a manager. The following exchange happened.

Lady: I am really pissed off!

Manager: I’m so sorry! Can you explain to me what happened?

Lady: That girl (pointing to/talking about me) was too nice to me!

I later got called into the managers office and they told me about the complaint, laughed and told me I was doing a great job if that was the only thing customers complain about.