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(I’m waiting in line to check out at a book store when I suddenly hear an uptight woman raising her voice at the cashier)
Woman: “I’m not paying $17,this is false advertising!”
Cashier: “Ma’am that’s the price for the book online it’s a little bit higher when purchased in the store.”
Woman: “No! I read the price online and it said $13 and that’s what I’m paying! This is false advertising!”
Cashier: “Ma’am there are 6 people waiting in line and it’s been a long day are you going to pay for the book or not?”
Woman: “No this is false advertising, I want to see your manager, I could sue you for this!”
Cashier: “Ma’am there’s no need for that, I can take $2 off the book if that would make you happy”
Woman: “Fine, but if you ever f*** me over again there will be consequences!”