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at the end of my shift, waiting for my replacement who’s 10 minutes late because of a heavy storm that flooded their quickest way to work.
me: Hello,
customer: (begins tapping on the display that shows the sizes of take home icecreams, the part that is holding the three together so i can’t see what size she’s pointing at.)
me: um, miss, what size did you want?
customer: (taps viciously on the display, causing it to shake violently).
me: miss, i can’t see which side you’re tapping on, would you please tell me the size?
customer: the middle one! duh!
me: okay, (turns to grab a container from behind me) what did you want in it?
customer (names one of our signatures with nuts in it)
me: okay, (starts pulling ice cream and putting it in the container to measure it out)
customer: wait i said i wanted the creation, not plain ice cream.
me: i know, but i have to measure the ice cream first ma’am.
customer: fine,
so i make the tub of icecream,
customer: by the way, there aren’t any nuts in that right i’m allergic.
me: yes there are nuts in it, (and we have a sign that says if you have any allergies tell us before you order, (what would you like me to make for you?
customer: areĀ  you sure there’s nuts in it?
me:(i list the ingredients) i can make you something else if you want.
customer: no, it’s fine, i’ll die,now i have a coupon for this, (she hands me an expired coupon for a cake)
me: um, miss were you ordering a cake as well?
her: no, but the coupon says three dollars off.
me: of a cake purchase.
customer: i demand to talk to your manager!

and since i’m the only one in the store i have to call him, and i explain what happened and i hand the phone over to the customer who was yelling about my poor preformance and how she was waiting for 5 minutes before i came and helped her (i was cleaning up front so i helped her as soon as i saw her, which was when she walked in the store) my manager told her to givve me thoe phone and said to not give her a discount and hung up. i told her that i did give her a discount and she ended up just paying full price.