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(I work in a big box retail store.  A coworker has just asked for help running a customers credit account.  It has been taking him a few minutes.)

Customer:  (to me).  You stay right here! If you leave I’m canceling my order!

Me: Don’t worry,  I’m not going anywhere.

As my coworker tries to run the credit again I fidget on my feet.  I have ADHD and sometimes do this.

Customer:  I said don’t go anywhere or I’m leaving!!!

Me: (louder to her cause I can’t believe how rude she is to me). Ma’am,  I said I was staying right here.

She gives me a death stare but I just look away at the register.  It’s time for her to enter her social security number in our credit card scanner.  She messes up and has to enter it again.  After the second time it goes through.  She then takes the scanner,  throws it on our register.

Me:  Do not throw our property!  We are just trying to help.

Customer:  you can kiss my a–!!!

Me:  that’s it!  I’m done with you, (pointing to my coworker) he’s done with you,  I’m getting management to have you removed!

Customer:  well you just do that.  I ain’t going anywhere.  This is …

My coworker and I just walk off. I get the manager and he deals with her.  As my coworker and I go out to have a much needed break, I say loud enough for the customer to hear.

Me:  and that’s why I’m having a double shot tonight after work.