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(A lady approaches my very busy express lane at work with well over the 12 item limit and a little ceramic jar with no code on it)
Me: I am sorry, there is no code on this, did you know roughly how much it is?
Customer: $4.80
Me: I am fairly certain they are a part of a pack of 3 for that price. I’ll just double check for you.
(I proceed to ask the manager who is standing near me, who agrees that they are apart of a 3 set)
Me: They are a part of the set, did you want to go grab the other two?
Customer: (suddenly mad) No! I brought one here the other day for that price! I don’t want three of them!
Me: I just didn’t want to rip you off.
(I go and tell manager that she is insisting on only buying it individually. We decided to just sell it for that price to keep the line moving)
Customer: SEE?! That wasn’t so hard now, was it?

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