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(I work at an after-market retail store that only carries LEGO brand building blocks, sets and figures. We often get questions concerning figurines of characters that were produced by other companies or were custom-made by fans of the toys. On this day, a little boy of perhaps 7 years of age approaches me while his parents are busy in another section of the store.)

Child: Excuse me? Do you have a Hitler figure?

Me: (assuming he is using LEGO pieces for a school assignment) No we don’t, as the company LEGO has never made a Hitler figure. I’m sure you could build one out of the right pieces, though.

Child: Oh. So you don’t have a Hitler figure?

Me: No we don’t. We only carry figures made by LEGO, and they never have made a Hitler figure.

Child: Oh. Well, you know, they should. Because if they did, you could make money selling him. People would like to buy a Hitler figure. (Walks away.)

(I spent the rest of the day wondering where the entirety of that conversation came from.)