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(My little cousins are rather picky. My uncle calls my dad and asks him to get five kids cheesburger meals, no condiments. He asks the worker for exactly this, and checks the food and sees it has condiments. He repeats FOUR TIMES before he finally asks for a manager.)

Manager: “Sir I don’t see your problem!”

Dad: *calmly* “I asked for burgers PLAIN with NO CONDIMENTS. That means no ketchup, no onions, nothing. Just cheese and patty and bun.”

Manager: “Oh I’m sorry sir. I will fix it.”

(My dad leaves content, sure it has to be right because I mean, a manager took care of it this time. He goes over and delivers the food to my uncle and my uncle distributes the food to his kids.)

Little Cousin: “Daddy? They messed up my burger A LOT!”

(We look over and the burger is dripping down her arm. They had purposely put EXTRA amounts of condiments on it to piss my dad off! This time my uncle went back. While he is a softy around his kids, he is a big guy with tattoos all over who wears all black and has a biker beard and is fiercely protective of them. I would have paid to be able to see that!)

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