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, | Unfiltered | April 14, 2018

(I am the customer in this story, and it happened several years ago. My mom, my sisters, and I had entered a candy store in our city’s historical downtown area. One of my sisters back then wore her hair short and dressed like a tomboy.)

Cashier (Speaking to me): Is that all, miss?

Me: Yes ma’am!

Cashier (turning to my mom and pointing at my tomboy sister): And what would your son like to have?

(We all burst out laughing and my mom had to tell the poor woman that her “son” was a girl. Points to my sister for not getting upset about it though. The cashier apologized profusely, but we told her it was okay. If anything, it gave us a funny story to tell our dad when we got home. Thank you for being a good sport about it, Miss Cashier!)